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CSNA(UK) Newsletter

CSNA(UK) newsletters, including notices or items of interest relevant to Christian Science nursing, provide an opportunity for individual Christian Science nurses in the UK to communicate with each other. They are distributed normally by e-mail to Christian Science nurses on our mailing list.

Christian Science houses, organisations or individuals in the field can submit notices/items for publication that might be about employment and training opportunities, or practical products and resources, as well as funding provisions for Christian Science nurses.

To download a copy of this job advert please click here.

How to place notices/items of interest in our newsletter, website or Facebook page

If you would like us to include notices/items of interest on our webpage, Facebook page or in our newsletter please email them to our email address at for consideration. Submissions will be published at the discretion of the CSNA(UK) Executive Committee.

An item of interest could include new products or resources that you have found helpful in your Christian Science nursing practice. If you are unsure about whether to send in an item, please feel free to contact us.

Specifications for Submission:

  • The CSNA(UK) Executive Committee is responsible for reviewing/screening and editing any accepted submission before publication. CSNA(UK) has sole discretion in the acceptance of items for publication and has the right to refuse any submitted item.
  • All material (e.g. photographs) must be the property of the individual/organisation submitting the request and be accurate.
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