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Christian Science nursing facilities/houses worldwide offer a wide range of educational programmes. Many offer classes on-site in conjunction with side-by-side mentoring. For more information on what such training can include, please see the website of The Mother Church at: The Mother Church does not train Christian Science nurses itself and the Christian Science nursing facilities/houses that offer training are not directly affiliated with The Mother Church. Some Christian Science nurses, listed in The Christian Science Journal may be available as independent mentors, sharing the ethics, skills, and application of Christian Science nursing principles one-to-one. The list of  Christian Science nurses is provided in The Christian Science Journal Directory. Not all Christian Science nurses may be available to act as a mentor.

Christian Science nurses training in the UK

Christian Science nurses’ training in the UK is available through Le Verger’s accredited Christian Science nurse Education programme. Le Verger, a Christian Science nursing facility and Christian Science nurses Education Programme is based in Switzerland, and details can be found at Their education programme offers all levels of Christian Science nurses education in-house, and Le Verger also offers courses in other locations, including the UK. Please note that Le Verger is often able to schedule classes as they are needed, so don’t let the calendar limit you.

Lime Tree House ( and the Whitehaven Trust Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service ( may be able to offer employment to students who are taking the classroom portion of the training with Le Verger.  Lime Tree House also offers the Introductory Level courses.

A class may be forming near you.  Do contact the organisations directly to find out.

What can I expect when I take a Christian Science nursing course?

The training is designed so that you will learn skills that enable you to meet your patients’ needs for comfort, nourishment, activity/mobility, rest, connection/communication and cleanliness competently and within an ethical framework that is based on the theology of Christian Science. Courses at any given level are usually divided into two parts. A classroom portion generally includes practical work, when skills needed in the sickroom are introduced and demonstrated. This is then followed by a time of practical on-the-job instruction and mentoring either at a Christian Science nursing organisation or with an experienced visiting or private duty Christian Science nurse.

External providers of training

Local providers, external to the Christian Science houses in the UK, occasionally provide more generic training that may be of interest to Christian Science nurses as part of their ongoing professional development. The following is a list of providers, while not exhaustive, may be of interest to Christian Science nurses in the UK. Please note that in some cases this training is only provided to organisations and not for individual registration. Christian Science nurses are advised to contact their local Christian Science house to see whether they could be included in any upcoming external training:

  • Local authorities often offer training to the Health and Social Care sector e.g. Monmouthshire has provided a Level 2 ‘Food Hygiene’ course and Trafford has provided training regarding moving and handling and fire safety.
  • Menter Healthcare and Safety Training (provides various training options across the UK regarding moving and handling, health and safety training, Safeguarding etc.)
  • Social Care TV (online courses)
  • Guardian Training (online and distance learning by post)
  • Civil Society (face-to-face training re charity and governance matters)
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